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Nia Jax DEFENDED by WWE Superstar against ‘online bullying’

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In the world of professional wrestling, where storylines and characters often blur the lines between fiction and reality, it’s essential to remember that behind every character is a real person with emotions and feelings. This was recently highlighted when a top WWE superstar came to the defence of Nia Jax, who faced a barrage of online criticism.

On the 11th of September edition of WWE Raw, Rhea Ripley successfully defended her WWE Women’s World Championship title, with a significant assist from the returning Nia Jax.

This return, however, was met with mixed reactions. Some fans expressed their displeasure at seeing Jax back in the ring, leading to heated debates and discussions online.

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The Controversial Tweet after WWE RAW

The situation escalated when the Wrestle Features Twitter account posed a question to its followers, asking if bringing Nia Jax back was the right decision.

This seemingly innocent query opened the floodgates for a slew of negative comments and online bullying directed at Jax.

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Asuka Steps In for her WWE colleague Nia Jax

Former WWE Women’s Champion, Asuka, known for her fierce in-ring persona, showed her compassionate side by stepping in to defend Jax.

Responding to the tweet, she expressed her disdain for the bullying, stating that such questions were not only rude but also hurtful.

She emphasised the emotional impact such comments could have, questioning the humanity of those who indulge in online bullying.

Asuka’s passionate defence made it clear that she would stand up against any form of bullying, even if it meant facing criticism herself.

The Bigger Picture beyond Nia Jax

While this incident revolves around Nia Jax, it sheds light on a more significant issue – the rampant online bullying that celebrities and public figures face.

It’s easy to forget that behind the larger-than-life personas, these are individuals with feelings, families, and personal struggles.

The ease of access to social media platforms and the anonymity they offer can sometimes embolden individuals to make hurtful comments without considering the repercussions.

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