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Former TNA Champion OFFICIALLY signed with WWE this week

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In a significant development in the wrestling world, former TNA Champion Nick Aldis has officially joined the ranks of WWE.

This news has sent ripples through the wrestling community, given Aldis’s illustrious career and the anticipation surrounding his role in WWE.

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Aldis’s New Role in WWE

Nick Aldis’s signing was highlighted in this week’s episode of SmackDown, where it was announced that he would take on the role of the General Manager of SmackDown.

This is a pivotal position, and fans are eager to see how Aldis will shape the direction of the show.

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From Trial Basis to Official Contract

Before this official announcement, Aldis was associated with WWE on a trial basis, working behind the scenes as a producer.

However, this week marked a significant shift in his association with the company. According to sources from Fightful Select, Aldis put pen to paper, officially signing a contract with WWE.

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Will Aldis Continue as a Producer?

While Aldis’s new role as the General Manager of SmackDown is clear, there’s some ambiguity regarding his continuation as a producer.

Notably, he didn’t produce any matches in the recent episode of WWE SmackDown. Drawing parallels, Adam Pearce, an on-screen character, also serves as a producer. It remains to be seen if Aldis will follow a similar path.

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Possibility of Aldis Returning to the Ring

Fans of Aldis might be wondering if they’ll get to see him back in the ring.

Interestingly, his contract doesn’t restrict him from stepping into the squared circle. This opens up exciting possibilities for future storylines and matchups.

Backstage Reception of Aldis in WWE

Nick Aldis isn’t just making waves on-screen; he’s also garnered respect backstage.

Reports suggest that he is well-received among his peers and is keen to maximise every opportunity WWE presents him with.


  • Who is Nick Aldis?
    • Nick Aldis is a renowned wrestler who made his debut on the British independent circuit in 2004. He later signed with Total Nonstop Action in 2008, where he had a successful seven-year stint.
  • What is Nick Aldis’s new role?
    • Nick Aldis has been appointed as the General Manager of SmackDown.
  • Did Aldis work with WWE before this official signing?
    • Yes, Aldis was working with WWE on a trial basis as a producer before officially signing a contract.
  • Is there a possibility of Aldis wrestling in WWE?
    • While his current role is the General Manager of SmackDown, his contract doesn’t prevent him from wrestling. So, there’s a possibility we might see him in the ring.
  • How is Aldis perceived backstage?
    • Aldis is reportedly well-liked backstage and is eager to make the most of the opportunities presented to him.
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