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Nick Aldis: Several WWE Superstars wanted company to sign him

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Former NWA Champion and TNA Tag Team Champion Nick Aldis was apparently wanted by several WWE Superstars when his contract was up.

Speaking to several sources on this to try and establish why the previously rumored star might not already be in the fold, one of the issues brought up was the previous issues with a top member of WWE management.

“When his contract first came up, he was someone that some of the talent wanted to see sign”, it was revealed to us this week. “We’ve known Aldis for years through Mickie James. [redacted] was always against the idea because of past issues between the two.”

Right now, we DO NOT have clarity on whether or not this former issue with a member of the WWE management team has stopped Aldis from getting there. Therefore we wanted to redact the name given to us as we felt it unfair to cast aspersions at this time.

Why isn’t Nick Aldis in WWE?

From further investigation, we’ve also been told that the alleged issues between this member of WWE management and Aldis were apparently smoothed over in the past. Still, we’re looking to get more verification on that and will update you as and when we can get more clarity.

Something very interesting from the initial information we were given is the fact that there doesn’t appear to be a massive amount of interest from WWE management, which is odd as you would think that someone like Aldis would be tailor-made for a company like WWE, especially under Triple H.

Aldis was among the names rumored to be participating in the Royal Rumble this year, but that of course did not turn out to be the case. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get more information on this at some point, but as of right now, we’re only aware of talent wanting him to be brought in and not many, if any, of those at the higher levels of the company.

Again, we can only confirm here that there were WWE talent who wanted Aldis brought in when his NWA deal was up, but we’re working on getting answers as to whether higher-ups in WWE want him to sign on the dotted line as well.

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