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Nick Khan talks Netflix taking a ‘bet’ on WWE

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In a groundbreaking move, WWE and Netflix have entered into a colossal $5 billion streaming agreement for the rights to WWE RAW and WWE’s Premium Live Events abroad.

This deal, set to revolutionise the way wrestling content is consumed, was elaborated on by WWE’s Nick Khan in a recent interview with Bloomberg TV.

WWE News: The Strategic Partnership

Khan, WWE’s President, described the deal as a mutually beneficial venture between two major players in their respective fields.

“It was yet another test of someone new in the space, obviously an established streaming entity, THE streaming entity, if you will,” Khan remarked.

He emphasised that this partnership is a strategic move for both WWE and Netflix, marking a significant shift in the wrestling entertainment landscape.

WWE News: Innovating the Pay-Per-View Model

One of the key aspects of this deal is its impact on the traditional pay-per-view model. Khan noted that WWE was a pioneer in moving away from this model with the launch of the WWE Network in 2014.

This initiative significantly reduced the price point for WWE PPVs. The Netflix deal is seen as a continuation of this innovative approach, offering fans access to major events like WrestleMania without any additional charges.

WWE News: A New Era of Advertising and Revenue

Khan expressed confidence in the potential for increased ad-pricing power through this partnership.

Drawing parallels with Amazon’s success in its ad-supported tier, he anticipates that Netflix will achieve great success in monetizing each three-hour “Raw” broadcast in unprecedented ways.

WWE’s Expanding Broadcast Horizon

The next year is pivotal for WWE, not just because of the Netflix deal, which will take effect in 2025, but also due to other significant changes. “WWE SmackDown” is set to move from Fox to the USA Network, the former home of “Raw.”

Additionally, “WWE NXT” will transition to the CW, marking WWE’s return to network TV after over a decade.

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  • What is the value of the WWE-Netflix deal?
    • The deal is valued at $5 billion.
  • Will there be an extra charge for premium events like WrestleMania on Netflix?
    • No, there will be no additional charges for premium events.
  • How does this deal change the traditional pay-per-view model?
    • It continues WWE’s trend of reducing PPV costs, started with the WWE Network.
  • What other changes are happening in WWE’s broadcast arrangements?
    • “WWE SmackDown” is moving to the USA Network, and “WWE NXT” to the CW.
  • When will the WWE-Netflix deal take effect?
    • The deal will take effect in 2025.
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