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Nick Khan confirms HUGE part of WWE Netflix deal for UK viewers

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In a groundbreaking move for wrestling entertainment, WWE CEO Nick Khan has recently clarified the much-anticipated situation regarding the telecast of WWE’s Premium Live Events (PLE) for regions outside the United States, following the announcement of a partnership with Netflix.

This revelation holds particular significance for UK viewers, who are keenly interested in the future of WWE broadcasting.

WWE News: The Netflix-WWE Collaboration

Starting in January 2025, WWE Monday Night RAW will be exclusively broadcast on Netflix, marking a significant shift in the landscape of sports entertainment.

This change is part of a colossal $5 billion deal spanning the next decade, a testament to the growing synergy between digital streaming platforms and sports entertainment.

WWE News: Implications for UK and International Viewers

Khan’s announcement during an interview with The Pat McAfee Show specifically addressed the broadcasting of WWE’s Premium Live Events.

He confirmed that while the United States will continue to enjoy these events through Peacock and NBCU, the Netflix deal primarily targets audiences outside the U.S. However, it’s important to note that certain territories like India, where WWE already has existing broadcasting agreements, are excluded from this deal.

This strategic move by WWE, in partnership with Netflix, is set to revolutionize how UK fans and viewers in other regions outside the U.S. experience WWE content.

The deal not only enhances the accessibility of WWE programming but also aligns with the evolving consumption patterns of modern audiences who increasingly prefer streaming services.

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  • When will WWE Monday Night RAW start streaming on Netflix?
    • From January 2025.
  • Does the Netflix deal include the broadcasting of WWE’s Premium Live Events in the UK?
    • Yes, it targets audiences outside the U.S., including the UK.
  • Will this deal affect WWE’s current broadcasting partners in the U.S.?
    • In the U.S., WWE’s Premium Live Events will continue to be broadcast through Peacock and NBCU.
  • Are any regions excluded from the Netflix deal?
    • Yes, regions like India, where WWE has existing deals, are excluded.
  • What is the duration and worth of the Netflix-WWE deal?
    • The deal spans 10 years and is valued at $5 billion.
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