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WWE Hall of Famer talks being SNUBBED by the company on RAW

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WWE Hall of Famer Nikki Bella recently expressed her disappointment over being overlooked during a WWE RAW episode.

The incident, which Bella described as “sad,” seems to highlight a deeper issue within the wrestling industry, particularly concerning the treatment of female wrestlers.

Nikki Bella, a name synonymous with the WWE Divas era of wrestling, has been a pivotal figure in WWE. Her journey in the company spans over 16 years, a period during which she not only showcased her wrestling prowess but also played a significant role in paving the way for future female wrestlers.

Her contributions have been significant, making the recent snub on RAW all the more surprising and disheartening.

Nikki Bella: The Snub on WWE RAW

The incident occurred during a segment on WWE RAW where Michael Cole was promoting the show ‘Barmageddon’, hosted by Blake Shelton, Carson Daly, and Nikki Garcia/Bella.

Notably absent from the mention was Nikki Bella, despite her significant role in the show and her long-standing association with WWE. This omission did not go unnoticed by Bella or the WWE community.

Bella’s Reaction to the Snub

Speaking with NBC Chicago, Nikki Bella expressed her feelings about the incident. She termed it as “disappointing,” especially considering her long tenure and contributions to WWE.

Bella highlighted a concerning pattern in the industry, where women, particularly those who are outspoken, often face different treatment compared to their male counterparts.

She noted that despite the snub, she still regards many in the company as family and appreciates the support from the WWE Universe and her fans: “It’s sad. Like, there’s obviously a lot of things I could say about that. I think more than anything, it’s disappointing. I worked there for 16 years, and I helped pave the way for them.”

Nikki Bella’s Continued Impact to WWE Superstars

Despite the setback, Nikki Bella continues to be an influential figure in wrestling. Her achievements and dedication to the sport have inspired many young wrestlers, particularly women, to pursue their dreams in the wrestling ring.

Bella’s legacy in WWE is undeniable, and her impact continues to resonate within the wrestling community.


  • Who is Nikki Bella?
    • Nikki Bella is a retired professional wrestler and WWE Hall of Famer, known for her significant contributions to women’s wrestling.
  • What was the incident involving Nikki Bella on RAW?
    • Nikki Bella was notably omitted from a mention during a segment promoting the show ‘Barmageddon’ on RAW.
  • How did Nikki Bella react to the snub?
    • Bella expressed disappointment and sadness, noting the disparity in treatment between male and female wrestlers in the industry.
  • What does this incident signify for the wrestling industry?
    • It highlights ongoing issues of inequality and the different treatment of female wrestlers, especially those who are outspoken.
  • What is Nikki Bella’s legacy in the company?
    • Bella is known for her 16-year tenure in WWE, where she helped pave the way for future generations of female wrestlers.
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