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BIG WWE NXT Superstar is reportedly STILL injured amid return rumours

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The world of professional wrestling is no stranger to rumours, especially when it comes to the status of its top stars. One such name that has been the talk of the town is Nikkita Lyons, the dynamic WWE NXT Superstar.

Lyons, who has been absent from the ring for the majority of 2023, has left fans eagerly awaiting her return. However, recent reports suggest that she might still be on the mend.

In January, the wrestling community was taken aback when news broke that Lyons had injured her knee. This unfortunate incident led her to undergo MCL surgery, halting her soaring momentum in the wrestling world.

Following the surgery, she made an appearance on WWE NXT, albeit on crutches, assuring fans of her eventual return.

The Road to Recovery

Lyons’ journey to recovery has been a topic of much discussion and speculation. In September, she hinted at her imminent comeback with a twerking video, a testament to her unique style and charisma.

She expressed optimism about her injury status and conveyed her eagerness to step back into the ring soon.

However, as we approach the end of the year, the NXT universe is yet to witness the return of this powerhouse. This prolonged absence has sparked theories among fans and experts alike.

Some speculate that Lyons might be gearing up for a main roster debut, bypassing NXT altogether upon her return.

Current Status in WWE

Despite the swirling rumours, sources have claimed to Ringside News that Lyons is still nursing her injury. A seasoned member of the WWE creative team has stated that Lyons remains injured, with no further details available.

Consequently, there are no ongoing discussions about her transitioning to RAW or SmackDown, as she’s not fit to compete.

That said, Lyons hasn’t been entirely detached from the WWE environment. She’s been a familiar face backstage at NXT events and has been actively involved at the Performance Center, focusing on her rehabilitation.

While her return is inevitable, WWE seems to be adopting a cautious approach, ensuring she’s in prime condition before making her comeback.

Nikkita Lyons: A Promising WWE Future Awaits

Nikkita Lyons possesses all the attributes required to make a significant mark in WWE. Her charisma, in-ring prowess, and sheer determination are evident.

However, the key to her success lies in her ability to steer clear of injuries, allowing her to realise her immense potential. The wrestling community is buzzing with anticipation, eager to see what the future holds for this promising Superstar.


  • What injury did Nikkita Lyons sustain?
    • Lyons injured her knee and underwent MCL surgery in January.
  • When did Nikkita Lyons hint at her return?
    • In September, she indicated her comeback with a twerking video and expressed hope to return to the ring soon.
  • Is there any news of her moving to the main roster?
    • Currently, there’s no confirmation about her moving to RAW or SmackDown as she’s still recovering from her injury.
  • Has she been active in WWE during her injury hiatus?
    • Yes, Lyons has been present backstage at NXT events and is actively rehabbing her injury at the Performance Center.
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