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Brutal new ‘rule’ coming to WWE NXT

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There appears to be a new rule making its way to WWE NXT, at least behind the scenes when it comes to new talents.

According to a new report from Dave Meltzer in the latest issue of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, NXT talent will now be ‘on the clock’ in terms of getting themselves ready for television.

“There is also a doctrine in NXT, it was said to be a new rule but he may be a strong recommendation as opposed to being a hard-and-fast rule” Meltzer began.

“Everyone who is signed from this point forward, as well as those who have started out, has two years to become ‘good enough’ to make NXT television or they will be cut. It was noted that a lot of people right now are ‘on the clock'” Meltzer concluded.

New WWE NXT Doctrine

It’s certainly a brutal rule, should it actually come into effect.

Making sure that talent is genuinely ready for television before putting them on NXT LvL Up or the main programme proper makes sense, but within two years for a non-wrestler could be very harsh.

It remains to be seen how this goes down, as WWE is now under a completely different regime with Triple H running creative within the company.

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