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New NXT deal is worth SIGNIFICANTLY less than previously thought

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The new NXT deal is reportedly bringing significantly less money than previously thought.

The NXT brand was introduced by the company back in 2010. The development territory originally streamed on WWE Network only and the show developed a cult following due to its faster-paced programming and focus on younger talent.

The show got its first TV deal with USA Network in 2019. The company put it up against the upstart promotion AEW to try and hinder their growth. At the time there were reports that the TV deal of NXT was worth somewhere between $50 million to $75 million per year.

How much is new NXT deal worth

WWE then announced earlier yesterday that the brand will be moving to CW Network next year with a ‘70% increase’ in rights fee. However, PWInsider reports that while the new NXT TV deal is an increase in numbers, the actual amount is lower than everyone thought:

“One broadcast source spoke with last week believed the deal was worth “in the area” of $35-$37 million a year. has not been able to confirm that number but internally, the belief is WWE were getting $15 million a year from NBC Universal for the NXT series.”

Despite the lower numbers, the company seems to be happy with the new deal. This move is being seen as an opportunity to expose younger talents to fresh eyes. The current plan is to continue airing the show on Tuesday night but WWE is ‘always open to conversations’ if the network needs it.

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Martin MacDonald