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NXT Halloween Havoc Night 2: POTENTIAL BETRAYAL takes place on the show

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In a shocking turn of events during NXT Halloween Havoc Night 2, the wrestling world witnessed a potential betrayal that left fans and pundits alike in utter disbelief.

Trick Williams made a dramatic return during the main event of the evening. The stakes were high as the NXT Championship was on the line, with Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov battling it out in the third match of their trilogy. As the tension reached its peak, Hayes seemed poised to secure victory, setting Dragunov up for his signature “Nothing But Net” diving leg drop.

However, just as Hayes was about to execute the move, the arena was filled with the unmistakable sound of Trick Williams’ entrance music.

Williams made his way to the ramp, his gaze fixed intently on Hayes. This unexpected interruption threw Hayes off his game, allowing Dragunov to capitalise and land the Torpedo Moscow, ensuring he retained his title.

WWE NXT Halloween Havoc Night 2 Aftermath: Questions Linger

Post-match, Williams entered the ring, seemingly ready to confront Hayes. But before any words could be exchanged, the scene shifted backstage where Dragunov found himself under attack by Baron Corbin. The broadcast ended abruptly, leaving viewers with more questions than answers.

The intrigue deepens when considering the backstory. Williams was slated to participate in a four-way #1 contender match for the NXT Championship a few weeks prior. However, he was ambushed by an unknown assailant backstage, leading to his removal from the match.

This turned the four-way into a three-way contest between Hayes, Corbin, and Dijak. Hayes emerged victorious from that bout, but speculation is rife among fans that he might have been the one behind Williams’ backstage attack.

WWE NXT: The Bigger Picture

While the seeming betrayal and its aftermath are the talk of the town, they are but a chapter in the ever-evolving narrative of NXT. Such incidents remind us of the unpredictability of the wrestling world, where alliances are fragile, and the quest for glory can lead to unexpected twists and turns.


  • Who made a surprise return at NXT Halloween Havoc Night 2?
    • Trick Williams made a dramatic return during the main event.
  • What was the outcome of the match between Carmelo Hayes and Ilja Dragunov?
    • Ilja Dragunov retained his NXT Championship after landing the Torpedo Moscow on Carmelo Hayes.
  • Why did Trick Williams interrupt the match?
    • While the exact reasons are unclear, it’s speculated that there might be unresolved issues between Williams and Hayes, especially considering the recent backstage attack on Williams.
  • Who attacked Ilja Dragunov post-match?
    • Baron Corbin attacked Ilja Dragunov backstage after the match.
  • Was there any indication of who attacked Trick Williams a few weeks ago?
    • There’s no confirmation, but fans speculate that Carmelo Hayes might have been involved.
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