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Paul Heyman gets incredible praise from WWE legend

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WWE star Paul Heyman recently got some absolutely incredible praise from a company legend that he worked with extensively in ECW.

Speaking on his 1 Of A Kind With RVD podcast alongside Dominic DeAngelo, Rob Van Dam revealed that he sees Heyman as the greatest booker in wrestling history.

“I think you know that as far as booking goes, in my opinion, I think he’s the best. And that’s also because I like his stuff in particular” RVD began.

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Rob Van Dam Praises Paul Heyman

“He got a lot of pushback from the WWE office in 2001 during the Alliance. A lot of his ideas got opposed. Same thing when we brought ECW back for the Sci-Fi network. A lot of his ideas were opposed. There were other bookers in the office that think completely different. They would think it’s ridiculous” the former WWE Champion added.

“I think Paul’s got the best ideas ’cause they thought the exact opposite and tried to stop all of his ideas. But I agree with that sentence that he’s the best that I know of” RVD concluded.

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