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Paul Heyman slated for being “too lax” as booker in ECW

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Paul Heyman, the renowned figure in the wrestling world, recently faced criticism for his approach to booking during his tenure with ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling).

Shane Douglas, a former ECW World Heavyweight Champion, has voiced his concerns about Heyman’s perceived leniency.

Shane Douglas, on his Franchise University podcast, expressed his belief that Heyman was too relaxed when it came to booking the shows for the now-defunct promotion. He highlighted that Heyman possessed the authority to instruct wrestlers to moderate their actions but seemed to refrain from using it adequately.

Douglas pointed out that after the wrestler Sabu broke a table during a match, which garnered significant attention, it became a trend. Soon, many wrestlers started incorporating table-breaking stunts into their matches. The same trend was observed with the use of chairs and the frequent use of strong language. Douglas stated, “I think Paul was a bit too lax as a booker. In the everyday minute-to-minute management, somebody has to be the boss and those are the types of things where ECW found a bit of its Achilles’ heel.”

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The Legacy of Paul Heyman, ECW and Douglas’s Role

Douglas’s relationship with ECW and its championships is noteworthy.

In August 1994, he made headlines by rejecting the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, labelling it a title of a ‘dead’ promotion.

Instead, he elevated the ECW Heavyweight Championship, recognising it as a genuine world title.

This pivotal moment led to the transformation of Eastern Championship Wrestling into the more renowned Extreme Championship Wrestling.

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