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WWE Superstar could’ve LOST LEG due to infection

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In a startling revelation, WWE superstar R-Truth has disclosed a harrowing ordeal that nearly led to the amputation of his leg during an interview with Cheap Heat.

This shocking news comes after the wrestler underwent surgery for a torn quadriceps muscle, a common yet serious injury in the physically demanding world of professional wrestling.

WWE News: Surgery and Its Aftermath

R-Truth, known for his high-energy performances and charismatic presence in the ring, suffered a torn quadriceps muscle, necessitating immediate surgical intervention.

However, the surgery’s aftermath was far from smooth. Complications arose when R-Truth developed severe infections in the operated area, posing a significant threat to his health and career.

WWE News: R-Truth and The Threat of Amputation

The infections were so severe that medical professionals considered amputation as a viable option to prevent further health complications.

This drastic measure highlights the seriousness of the situation R-Truth faced, a stark reminder of the risks associated with sports injuries and surgeries.

Wrestling Career in Jeopardy

The possibility of amputation not only threatened R-Truth’s health but also cast a shadow over his illustrious wrestling career.

Known for his agility and athleticism, the loss of a limb would have undoubtedly ended his time in the ring, a devastating blow for both the superstar and his fans.


  • What injury did R-Truth suffer?
    • R-Truth sustained a torn quadriceps muscle.
  • What complication arose after R-Truth’s surgery?
    • He developed severe infections in the operated area.
  • Was amputation considered for R-Truth?
    • Yes, amputation was considered due to the severity of the infections.
  • What does this mean for R-Truth’s wrestling career?
    • While his career was at risk, his recovery journey is ongoing, and the full impact on his career remains to be seen.
  • How has R-Truth responded to this challenge?
    • He has shown remarkable resilience and determination in his recovery process.
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