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Randy Orton: MAJOR update on his potential return to WWE

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Randy Orton, the 14-time WWE World Champion, has been absent from the WWE scene since May 2022. His last appearance was in a match alongside Matt Riddle, where they faced off against The Usos for the Undisputed WWE Tag Team Championship.

Since then, Orton’s absence has been attributed to a significant back injury. However, recent developments suggest that “The Legend Killer” might be gearing up for a comeback.

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Randy Orton Spotted at the Performance Center

One of the most telling signs of Orton’s potential return is his recent sighting at the WWE Performance Center. Reliable sources, including Fightful’s Sean Ross Sapp, have confirmed that Orton was seen at the facility this week.

This is significant because WWE has a stringent policy that talents must engage in some form of workout at the Performance Center when they are on the brink of making a return.

Furthermore, a video of Orton at the Performance Center has been shared by WrestleOps, which was initially sent to them by a fan. This video further fuels the speculation of his imminent return.

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Is Orton Ready for In-Ring Action?

While the sightings are promising, it’s essential to note that as of early August, Orton had only been “working out in the gym” and had not resumed in-ring training.

This might suggest that while he’s physically preparing for a return, he might not be ready for in-ring action just yet.

However, Orton’s determination cannot be underestimated. Despite being advised against returning to the ring due to his injury, Orton has expressed a strong desire to make a comeback.

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Rumours and Speculations

There have been various reports and rumours surrounding Orton’s return. Many speculated that he would make a comeback around SummerSlam 2023, but that event came and went without any sign of “The Legend Killer”.

With his recent sightings at the Performance Center, fans are hopeful that they might see him back in action sooner rather than later.

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