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Randy Orton WWE Contract: MAJOR update on his deal and time being ADDED

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In the dynamic world of professional wrestling, contract negotiations and career trajectories of wrestlers are always a hot topic. Recently, the spotlight has turned to Randy Orton, a prominent figure in WWE, whose contract situation has been the subject of much speculation.

After an 18-month hiatus, Orton’s return to WWE at Survivor Series has sparked discussions about his future with the company.

Randy Orton: Current Contract Status

Randy Orton has been a significant presence in WWE for years. His current contract, signed in 2019, was part of a wave of long-term deals WWE secured with its talent.

This contract was set to extend until at least the fall of 2024, which means Orton has roughly a year left in his current agreement.

The Possibility of Contract Extension

However, Orton’s recent absence from WWE for nearly a year and a half has introduced the possibility of an ‘injury time’ addition to his contract, as recently reported by Fightful Select.

This extension could potentially keep him in WWE until 2026. While this outcome is anticipated by some higher-ups within WWE, it remains unconfirmed and subject to further evaluation.

Randy Orton: The Impact of his Absence

Orton’s absence from the ring has been a point of interest. In the past, WWE has extended contracts for injured talent involved in other roles or projects.

However, Orton’s situation seems to be different, and the specifics of his absence and its impact on his contract are still being assessed.


  • What is Randy Orton’s current contract status with WWE?
    • Randy Orton’s current contract with WWE is set to last until at least the fall of 2024.
  • Why is there speculation about extending Orton’s contract?
    • Due to Orton’s 18-month absence, there’s speculation about adding ‘injury time’ to his contract, potentially extending it to 2026.
  • Has Orton signed a new deal with WWE?
    • As of now, there is no confirmation that Orton has signed a new deal with WWE.
  • What impact did Orton’s absence have on his contract?
    • Orton’s absence has led to discussions about extending his contract, but the final decision is still pending.
  • What are Orton’s current plans in WWE?
    • Orton seems to be focusing on Roman Reigns, indicating a potential storyline on SmackDown.
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