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Real reason WWE changed The Bloodline RAW segment

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WWE had originally announced a Bloodline Acknowledgment ceremony featuring the different generations of Roman Reigns‘ family for RAW’s 30th Anniversary.

The company, however, then changed it to the Trial of Sami Zayn.

Many believed that the segment was changed because officials couldn’t secure The Rock for an appearance, but reports suggest it’s not the case.

Dave Meltzer addressed these rumors in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, claiming that The Rock was not booked for the show in the first place:

“Rock was never booked for the segment. The change was made because Afa & Sika & Rikishi were all not going to be able to be there.”

WWE RAW Segment Changed

Meltzer explained that the idea for the segment fell apart when Rikishi got sick and couldn’t travel. Creatives were then forced to change things up:

“They were to be the key people but Afa & Sika were not ready for the trip and Rikishi got sick this week so the idea basically fell apart. Creative was changed with The Bloodline story on Friday to reflect the change in Raw, a what happened was not what was originally scripted to happen.”

WWE also had to cut the planned Becky Lynch vs. Bayley match from RAW because The Bloodline segment went longer than planned.

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Martin MacDonald