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Renee Paquette on Vince McMahon – “He goes, ‘YOU F**KING RUINED IT!’”

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Former WWE personality, commentator and panel show host Renee Paquette recently spoke to Ariel Helwani. The former WWE employee discussed several topics during the interview, including the reveal of when Vince McMahon lambasted her for what seemed like a minor mistake.

‘I wasn’t on commentary for this moment, but it was after I had done commentary and I was doing a panel” Paquette began.

“We were in Las Vegas and we’re doing a panel show where they cut to us during the show. It was some kind of special. 

“Tyson Fury was on the show, when he was doing his stint in WWE, and it was me, Samoa Joe, Booker T and Beth Phoenix. And I was throwing to a package, ’˜blah, blah, blah, something, something, the Gypsy King, Tyson Fury, throw to package.’

“And he’s [Vince McMahon] in my ear and he goes, ’˜YOU F**KING RUINED IT!’ Screaming in my ear, telling me I ruined this segment because I didn’t refer to Tyson Fury as the lineal champion.

“So he’s screaming at me, and at this point, I am over it. I’ve done the commentary thing, I’m just like, I’m a little bit hardened to all the circumstances.”

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Renee Paquette on Vince McMahon

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