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In a surprising turn of events, FOX has reportedly rejected WWE’s proposal to portray the faction Retribution with an Antifa theme. This decision marked a significant shift in the creative direction of one of WWE’s most talked-about stables.

Retribution, a group formed during the pandemic, quickly became a focal point in WWE storylines. Led by Mustafa Ali, the faction initially made waves with its disruptive antics and mysterious presence.

However, the group’s momentum faltered, leading to its eventual disbandment. Members like Dijak moved to NXT, while others, including Mia Yim, adopted new personas on the main roster.

WWE News: The Controversial Antifa Angle

The original plan for Retribution, as revealed by a former member, was to depict them as an Antifa-like group. This creative direction aimed to tap into contemporary socio-political themes, potentially adding a layer of realism to the storyline.

However, when FOX, the network airing WWE SmackDown, learned of this angle, they promptly objected. The network’s intervention forced WWE to abandon this approach, leading to a significant pivot in the faction’s portrayal.

WWE News: The Impact of Creative Changes

The sudden change in creative direction left Retribution in a state of flux. The group, which had already struggled to maintain momentum, found it increasingly challenging to connect with the audience.

This lack of direction and support from WWE’s creative team ultimately led to the faction’s decline and disbandment.


  • What was Retribution’s original theme in WWE?
    • Retribution was initially planned to be portrayed as an Antifa-like faction.
  • Why did FOX reject the Antifa angle for Retribution?
    • FOX objected to the portrayal of Retribution as an Antifa-like group on their network.
  • What happened to Retribution after the change in storyline?
    • Following the change, Retribution struggled to gain momentum and was eventually disbanded.
  • Will WWE explore similar controversial themes in the future?
    • It’s uncertain if WWE will pursue similar themes, especially under Triple H’s leadership.
  • What is the current status of Retribution’s members?
    • Members of Retribution have either moved to different WWE rosters or adopted new personas.
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Jack Anderson