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Rey Mysterio wants UFC star to JOIN WWE following MMA career

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World-renowned wrestler Rey Mysterio has expressed his interest in seeing UFC fighter Brandon Moreno make a switch to the WWE ring after his MMA stint.

The allure of the squared circle is undeniable, and many fighters have transitioned between these two combat sports. Could Brandon Moreno be the next to make this leap?

Rey Mysterio, a legend in the wrestling realm, recently revealed his admiration for the UFC flyweight champion, Brandon Moreno during an interview with The MMA Hour. Mysterio praised Moreno’s skills, resilience, and charisma, all of which he believes would translate perfectly into the WWE universe: “I saw a little bit of the footage on social media. We had the podcast about a month before that happened, and I was trying to convince him, ‘Show me a little bit of MMA and I’ll teach you some of the ropes. Let’s get in the ring.’ He goes, ‘I would love to.’ We were kind of joking it out. I do believe he has a passion for wrestling and lucha. I would love to interact more with him in the future and hope that maybe one day he decides to step into a WWE ring.”

It’s not uncommon for MMA fighters to seek new challenges in the wrestling domain, and with Mysterio’s endorsement, the doors might just swing open for Moreno.

MMA to WWE: A Trend in the Making?

  • Brock Lesnar: Starting as a WWE superstar, he transitioned to MMA and became a UFC heavyweight champion. He later returned to WWE, blending his MMA experience with wrestling showmanship.
  • Ronda Rousey: The former UFC bantamweight champion made a stunning WWE debut in 2018, proving her versatility across both rings.
  • Matt Riddle: A former UFC fighter, Riddle has now become a prominent name in the WWE roster.

Given this growing trend, it’s plausible to envision Brandon Moreno making a similar move, especially with the backing of big names like Rey Mysterio.

The Allure of WWE for MMA Fighters

Why do MMA fighters gravitate towards WWE? Several reasons come to mind:

  1. New Challenge: The WWE offers a different kind of athletic and entertainment challenge, combining physical prowess with storytelling.
  2. Financial Incentives: WWE can offer lucrative contracts, potentially more stable than the unpredictable world of MMA.
  3. Fan Base Expansion: Wrestlers can tap into a broader audience, expanding their fan base and personal brand.

Moreno’s Potential WWE Journey

If Brandon Moreno were to consider this transition, he wouldn’t be starting from scratch. His MMA background would provide a solid foundation for his wrestling training.

Moreover, his existing fan base from the UFC would likely follow him to the WWE, ensuring he has a strong start. With Rey Mysterio’s mentorship, Moreno could quickly rise through the ranks.


  • Who is Brandon Moreno?
    • Brandon Moreno is the UFC flyweight champion known for his exceptional skills in the MMA ring.
  • Why does Rey Mysterio want Moreno in WWE?
    • Mysterio admires Moreno’s talent, resilience, and charisma, believing he’d be a great fit for the WWE.
  • Have other MMA fighters joined WWE?
    • Yes, fighters like Brock Lesnar, Ronda Rousey, and Matt Riddle have successfully transitioned between the two sports.
  • What advantages does WWE offer to MMA fighters?
    • WWE presents a new athletic challenge, financial incentives, and an opportunity to expand one’s fan base.
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