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Rey Mysterio wants HUGE gimmick match with his SON

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Rey Mysterio, the current WWE United States Champion, has expressed his interest in a unique and thrilling match against his very own son, Dominik Mysterio.

In a recent interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani, Rey Mysterio revealed his desire for a ‘hair vs. mask’ match against Dominik.

This revelation has sent shockwaves through the wrestling community, with fans eagerly anticipating the potential showdown.

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Rey Mysterio and Dominik: The Father-Son Dynamic in WWE

The relationship between Rey and Dominik has been a focal point in WWE storylines. Initially, Dominik made his in-ring debut as an ally to his legendary father.

However, as storylines evolved, Dominik took a different path, turning heel and aligning himself with the Judgment Day faction, which also includes Rhea Ripley, referred to as his “mami”.

This shift in allegiance led to a memorable clash between father and son at WrestleMania, where Rey emerged victorious.

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A Unique Match Proposition

The concept of a ‘hair vs. mask’ match is intriguing.

Rey Mysterio, known for his iconic mask, hinted at the stakes of such a match, stating, “Imagine him bald. Don’t imagine me without the mask, you already know.”

This suggests that if Dominik were to lose, he would have to shave his head, while if Rey were to lose, he might have to reveal his face to the world…again.

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Dominik’s Rising Star

Dominik’s journey in WWE has been nothing short of impressive. Despite his recent heel turn, he has managed to capture gold, currently holding the NXT North American Championship.

Interestingly, even with this title, Dominik remains listed as a main roster Superstar, showcasing his significance and the company’s faith in him.

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The Future of the Feud

Rey Mysterio’s comments indicate that the feud between him and his son is far from over. He expressed his hope for more chapters in their rivalry, suggesting that the best might still be yet to come.

With the potential of a ‘hair vs. mask’ match on the horizon, fans are in for a treat.

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  • What did Rey Mysterio recently propose?
    • Rey Mysterio expressed his interest in a ‘hair vs. mask’ match against his son, Dominik Mysterio.
  • How did Dominik begin his WWE career?
    • Dominik started his in-ring career as an ally to his father, Rey Mysterio. He later turned heel and joined the Judgment Day faction.
  • What are the stakes of the proposed ‘hair vs. mask’ match?
    • If Dominik loses, he might have to shave his head. If Rey loses, he could potentially have to reveal his face by removing his iconic mask.
  • Does Dominik hold any titles in WWE?
    • Yes, Dominik currently holds the NXT North American Championship.
  • Where was this revelation made?
    • Rey Mysterio discussed the potential match during an interview on The MMA Hour with Ariel Helwani.
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