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Rey Mysterio REVEALS when he could retire from WWE

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Rey Mysterio, the iconic luchador and one of the most celebrated wrestlers in the history of WWE, has recently hinted at his potential retirement.

In a candid conversation on The MMA Hour podcast, Mysterio shed light on his thoughts about hanging up his boots and what the future might hold for him.

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A Glimpse into Rey’s Thoughts

Mysterio, who is currently 48 years old, had previously mentioned that he might consider retirement when he reaches the age of 50.

This means that fans might have to brace themselves for a heartfelt goodbye from the “Master of the 619” in just a couple of years.

Rey Mysterio: Listening to His Body

When asked about the time he has left in the wrestling world, Rey expressed his gratitude towards his body for its resilience over the past 34 years.

He mentioned how he has adapted his wrestling style over the years, ensuring he can still captivate audiences with his signature moves.

Mysterio emphasised his passion for the sport, stating, “I always like to come up and create moves where fans can say, ‘Wow, he’s still doing it.’ That’s part of my growth and what’s been keeping me healthy to be able to do what I do.”

Family’s Support

Rey’s wife has been a pillar of support throughout his illustrious career. She has given him the freedom to decide when he feels it’s the right time to retire.

On this, Mysterio shared, “She gave me liberty to say, ‘However, you feel, whenever you say it’s time, I respect that.’ She’s that open to it. I’m hoping that it can be within the next year and a half or two.”

Rey Mysterio: A Legacy to Remember

Rey Mysterio, whose real name is Óscar Gutiérrez, has left an indelible mark on the wrestling industry.

Known as Rey Mysterio Jr. during his stints with Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and World Championship Wrestling (WCW), he has dazzled fans with his high-flying moves and unmatched agility.

His potential retirement will undoubtedly be an emotional moment for wrestling enthusiasts worldwide.


  • When did Rey Mysterio hint at his retirement?
    • During a recent episode of “The MMA Hour” podcast.
  • How old is Rey Mysterio currently?
    • He is 48 years old.
  • When did he previously mention retiring?
    • He had expressed thoughts of retiring when he turns 50.
  • What did his wife say about his retirement?
    • She has given him the freedom to decide and will respect his decision whenever he feels it’s time.
  • Where was Rey Mysterio Jr. known during his early career?
    • He was known by this name during his tenures with ECW and WCW.
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