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Rhea Ripley shows off BRAND NEW Judgment Day-themed tattoo

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Rhea Ripley, one of WWE’s top female Superstars, has recently added a new tattoo to her collection, showcasing her passion for self-expression through body art.

Known for her dynamic presence in the ring and her evolving persona, Ripley’s latest tattoo is a striking addition that aligns with her current character, which many fans regard as her best version up to this point.

WWE News: The Significance of Ripley’s New Tattoo

The new tattoo that Ripley shared on her Instagram Story, located on the back of her neck, features a Judgment Day-themed design.

This artwork is particularly significant as it mirrors the wings seen during Ripley’s entrance, symbolising her strength and resilience in the wrestling world.

Ripley, who has always used tattoos as a medium to convey personal messages and stories, chose Built 4 Speed tattoo for this latest piece.

WWE News: Ripley’s Journey in WWE

Rhea Ripley’s journey in WWE has been marked by numerous transformations, both in terms of her physical appearance and her in-ring character.

Her commitment to evolving and adapting is evident in her willingness to take on new challenges, including her recent comments about the women’s division’s struggles while she was engaged in matches against male opponents.

As the WWE Women’s Champion approaches the Royal Rumble Premium Live Event on January 27th, fans are eager to see how WWE will continue to develop her character.


  • What is the theme of Rhea Ripley’s new tattoo?
    • The tattoo is Judgment Day-themed, reflecting her character’s persona.
  • Where is Rhea Ripley’s new tattoo located?
    • It’s on the back of her neck.
  • What does Ripley’s new tattoo represent?
    • It symbolizes her strength and mirrors the wings seen during her entrance.
  • Who did Rhea Ripley’s tattoo?
    • Built 4 Speed tattoo studio.
  • What is the significance of tattoos for Rhea Ripley?
    • Ripley uses tattoos as a form of self-expression, with each piece carrying a personal message.
  • What is the next major event for Rhea Ripley?
    • The Royal Rumble Premium Live Event on January 27th.
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