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Rhea Ripley DESIGNED new tattoo for Judgment Day member

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Rhea Ripley, a prominent figure in the WWE, has showcased her artistic flair outside the ring. Not only does she dominate her opponents in the squared circle, but she also has a knack for design.

This was evident when it was revealed that she had designed a tattoo for a member of the Judgment Day faction.

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Rhea Ripley and Judgment Day: A Special Tattoo for a Special Faction

Judgment Day, a faction in WWE, has a bond that goes beyond wrestling matches and storylines. This bond is symbolised by the tattoos that some of its members sport.

Dominik Mysterio, a member of the faction, recently shared that he has multiple tattoos that match with other members of Judgment Day.

What’s even more intriguing is that one of these tattoos was designed by none other than Rhea Ripley.

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The Puerto Rico Connection

Dominik recounted a memorable night in Puerto Rico that led to the creation of one of these tattoos. He, along with other members like Rhea and Damian, decided to commemorate a special night with a tattoo.

This particular night was significant for Dominik as he main-evented a SmackDown show with Rhea at the Coliseo de Puerto Rico.

Following this, Damian had an outstanding match against Bad Bunny. To immortalise this memory, they got tattoos that symbolised Judgment Day and their time in Puerto Rico.

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Rhea Ripley: The Artistic Touch

Among the tattoos that Dominik has, one stands out due to its unique design and the story behind it. This tattoo, a scale, holds special significance for the Judgment Day faction.

What makes it even more special is that Rhea Ripley herself drew the design. Dominik proudly shared that this particular tattoo is a testament to the bond he shares with the faction, and having it designed by Rhea makes it all the more special.

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  • Who designed the special tattoo for the Judgment Day member?
    • Rhea Ripley designed the tattoo.
  • Which member of Judgment Day has the tattoo designed by Rhea Ripley?
    • Dominik Mysterio has the tattoo.
  • What does the tattoo represent?
    • The tattoo is a scale, symbolising the Judgment Day faction.
  • Where did the members of Judgment Day get their tattoos?
    • They got their tattoos in Puerto Rico to commemorate a special night.
  • Did Dominik Mysterio win back his NXT North American Championship?
    • Yes, he regained his title after previously losing it to Trick Williams.
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