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Rhea Ripley names MALE opponents she wants to face in WWE

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Rhea Ripley, the WWE Women’s World Champion, recently revealed a list of male WWE superstars she’d love to face in the ring.

Her choices, some of which might raise eyebrows, reflect her fearless attitude and desire to challenge the norms of the wrestling world.

One of the first names Ripley mentioned was Rey Mysterio, during an interview with Sportskeeda. She expressed her eagerness to face the legendary luchador, believing that a match against him would be nothing short of spectacular.

Ripley confidently stated that she would put Mysterio in his place, showcasing her unwavering confidence.

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Rhea Ripley vs Edge: A Battle of Wills

Another superstar on Ripley’s list is Edge. The former leader of The Judgment Day, Edge is known for his leadership qualities and dominant presence in the ring.

However, Ripley isn’t one to be bossed around. She mentioned her dislike for feeling subordinate and hinted at some unresolved tension with Edge.

A match between these two would undoubtedly be a clash of titans, with both wrestlers having strong personalities and a history of not backing down.

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The RKO Challenge

Perhaps the most intriguing of Ripley’s choices is Randy Orton. Fans have been buzzing about the possibility of Ripley taking an RKO from Orton.

Ripley herself addressed this, stating that many want Orton to return just so she can experience his signature move: “But then there’s one more person that everyone keeps throwing at me. And that’s Randy Orton. Yeah, they want Randy to come back so that I can get RKO’d because I keep sticking my business in the men’s business.”

She cheekily added that while she often intervenes in men’s matches, they seldom retaliate. According to Ripley, this is because they recognise their place and know that she always reigns supreme.

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Awaiting Randy Orton’s Return

The wrestling community is abuzz with anticipation regarding Randy Orton’s potential return. If he does make a comeback, a face-off with Ripley would be high on many fans’ wish lists.

With her fearless attitude and Orton’s reputation, such a match would be a must-watch.

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