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Rhea Ripley reveals she has HAD IT with WWE RAW Superstar

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In a recent outburst, WWE superstar Rhea Ripley expressed her frustration with fellow wrestler R-Truth, vehemently denying his association with The Judgment Day faction.

Ripley’s comments came after R-Truth declared himself an official member of The Judgment Day, following his victory over JD McDonagh in a “Loser Leaves Judgment Day” match on the December 18th episode of RAW.

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Rhea Ripley: Dismissal of R-Truth

Ripley, known for her no-nonsense attitude, made it clear in a video for WWE that R-Truth’s self-proclamation does not align with the group’s consensus.

“I’ve had it up to here with Truth, I really have,” she stated, emphasising that Judgment Day is a closed circle of five members, with no intention of expanding.

Ripley reminisced about enjoying the Awesome Truth duo, comprising R-Truth and The Miz, but firmly stated that they should remain separate from The Judgment Day.

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Rhea Ripley on Judgment Day’s Exclusive Circle

Ripley further criticized R-Truth’s attempts to integrate himself into the group, describing his actions as intrusive and unwelcome. “He’s breaking into our clubhouse.

That’s not okay,” she remarked, highlighting the group’s disapproval of R-Truth’s actions.

According to Ripley, The Judgment Day never agreed to include R-Truth, and his self-insertion into their theme music and activities is unapproved and unwarranted.

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  • Who is Rhea Ripley? Rhea Ripley is a professional wrestler currently signed with WWE, known for her strong in-ring skills and charismatic persona.
  • What is The Judgment Day? The Judgment Day is a faction in WWE, known for its exclusive membership and impactful presence in the wrestling world.
  • What was the issue between Rhea Ripley and R-Truth? Ripley expressed frustration with R-Truth claiming to be a part of The Judgment Day without the group’s consent.
  • Did R-Truth officially join The Judgment Day? Despite his claims, R-Truth is not officially a part of The Judgment Day, as stated by Rhea Ripley.
  • What was Rhea Ripley’s reaction to R-Truth’s actions? Ripley was clearly annoyed and dismissed R-Truth’s self-proclaimed membership in The Judgment Day, emphasizing the group’s exclusivity.
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