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Rhea Ripley reacts to BIZARRE fan ‘tribute’ image with Jey Uso

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In the ever-evolving world of professional wrestling, fans often express their admiration and creativity in unique ways. One such instance recently caught the attention of WWE Women’s World Champion, Rhea Ripley, leading to a rather candid response from the superstar.

The tale of Rhea Ripley and Jey Uso’s on-screen interactions began in early September. Jey Uso, previously associated with the Bloodline faction, transitioned to the WWE Raw roster, quickly becoming a focal point of the Judgment Day storyline. In an episode aired on September 11th, it was revealed that Ripley admired Uso.

Rhea Ripley reacts to BIZARRE ‘tribute’

While the intensity of their on-screen relationship might have simmered down, especially after Ripley’s reaction to Uso declining a role in Judgment Day, the WWE Universe’s imagination knows no bounds. Fans have been actively creating and sharing images of the duo, dreaming of potential storylines and scenarios. One such image, with a wedding theme, was even shared by Jey Uso himself.

However, a recent fan-made image left Ripley somewhat baffled. Shared on her Instagram stories, the image depicted a heavily pregnant Jey Uso alongside a jubilant Rhea Ripley on a beach. Ripley’s reaction to this peculiar tribute was a straightforward one, “Wha… what the f**k.”


  • Who shared the bizarre fan-made image?
    • Rhea Ripley shared the image on her Instagram stories.
  • What did the image depict?
    • The image showed a heavily pregnant Jey Uso with Rhea Ripley on a beach.
  • How did Ripley react to the image?
    • Ripley responded with, “Wha… what the f**k.”
  • When did the storyline between Ripley and Uso start?
    • Their on-screen interactions began in early September.
  • What’s the significance of the October 23 WWE Raw episode?
    • Judgment Day will celebrate their championship victories, and Damian Priest will face Jey Uso in the main event.
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