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Ric Flair believes Vince McMahon is ‘entitled’ to a comeback

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Just when everyone thought that Vince McMahon was done with WWE, new stories stirred up the conversation about his return. A report from Wall Street Journal stated that McMahon believed he had received wrong advice about retiring and he intends to make a comeback. While this news has mostly received negative feedback, Ric Flair is not one of the people who is against the idea.

The WWE Hall of Famer commented on the potential of McMahon coming back on his podcast ( H/t TRJWrestling). He claimed that the former chairman is entitled to do what he wants:

‘Well, you know, you’re not going to get a negative word out of me. I love Vince McMahon. And I think that I think he should, you know, he’s entitled to whatever he wants. And, you know, shame on the people that don’t think so. He built it, nobody else built it, nobody helped him. He fought every war.”

Ric Flair on Vince McMahon

Flair also didn’t miss the opportunity to take shots at Eric Bischoff. He compared Bischoff to McMahon and said that all Eric did was use someone else’s money:

“Eric, you know, he says that they were the only competition or that Eric is called a visionary for that, you know, for 83 weeks? Well, all Eric did really is use all of Turner’s money, not his own. He has bought 83 weeks. He didn’t outsmart McMahon. He bought 83 weeks with somebody else’s money, which eventually bankrupted the company.”

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Martin MacDonald