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FORMER WWE Superstar claims Vince McMahon leaving KILLED his career

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In a shocking revelation, former WWE superstar Rick Boogs has publicly stated that the departure of Vince McMahon from the helm of WWE’s creative team was the primary factor that led to the downfall of his wrestling career.

Rick Boogs, a name familiar to many WWE enthusiasts, found himself among the list of talent cuts on the 21st of September.

This came as a surprise to many, especially considering that Boogs had only made occasional appearances for WWE after recovering from a torn ACL, an injury he sustained at WrestleMania 38.

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WWE Behind-the-Scenes Politics

Boogs didn’t remain silent about his release. He turned to his YouTube channel to express his feelings and provide some insights into the reasons behind his sudden departure.

According to Boogs, his release wasn’t just a matter of performance or fit; it was deeply rooted in backstage politics. He described it as a ‘backstage political power play’ that played a significant role in his release:

“Pretty much everyone in the corporate side of the company agreed, which is why I was always the third party guy doing commercials for Old Spice, Snickers, Mikes Hard Lemonade, and Toyota however, one person clearly has some weird grudge against me,”

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The Impact of Vince McMahon’s Departure

One of the most significant revelations Boogs made was about the role of Vince McMahon in his career. He stated with certainty that McMahon’s removal as the head of WWE Creative was the death knell for his career.

In his words, “I can say with 100% certainty, the removal of Vince killed my career.”

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