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WWE “has interest” in signing MAJOR AEW star

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The wrestling world is abuzz with the latest news that WWE is keen on signing one of the top AEW talents. The grapevine is rife with speculation, and the name at the centre of it all is none other than Ricky Starks.

WWE’s interest in AEW talent isn’t a new phenomenon. The company has been keeping a close eye on several AEW stars, with Tony Khan, AEW’s president, working diligently to secure his roster. However, the recent chatter suggests that WWE’s interest isn’t just limited to one or two stars.

The company seems to be setting its sights on a broader spectrum of the AEW talent pool.

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Ricky Starks: The Star in the WWE Crosshairs

Ricky Starks isn’t a stranger to the WWE universe. He’s been backstage at WWE events in the past, most notably being spotted with Cody Rhodes before the Royal Rumble.

This interaction garnered significant attention, though Starks remained absent from the actual Premium Live Event itself.

The close bond between Cody Rhodes and Ricky Starks is well-known in wrestling circles. This connection, combined with Starks’ rising popularity and prowess in the ring, makes him a prime target for WWE.

It’s clear that WWE sees potential in Starks and is keen to bring him into their fold when the timing aligns.

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Speculation and Confirmation

Social media has played a pivotal role in fuelling the speculation. A tweet hinting at WWE’s high interest in Ricky Starks when he becomes a free agent caught the attention of many.

This tweet also highlighted the close friendship between Cody Rhodes and Ricky Starks, adding another layer to the unfolding drama.

What added weight to this speculation was the response from reputed WWE insider Boozer Wrestling. Their simple affirmation, “yes”, to the tweet in question has set the rumour mill in overdrive, confirming WWE’s genuine interest in the AEW star.

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The Future for Ricky Starks

While the future remains uncertain, the possibility of seeing Ricky Starks more frequently in WWE is tantalising for fans.

His strong rapport with Cody Rhodes and the evident interest from WWE suggest that we might witness a significant shift in the wrestling landscape soon.

However, as with all things in the world of professional wrestling, only time will reveal the true course of events.

Until then, fans and pundits alike will be watching closely, eager to see where Ricky Starks’ journey takes him next.

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