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Riddle: “They all laughed at me when I said, ‘How cool would RK-Bro be?’”

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WWE Superstar Matt Riddle recently appeared on Cheap Heat with Peter Rosenberg. The RAW Tag Team Champion discussed several topics during his time on the show, including the creation of the RK-Bro tag team with Randy Orton.

“When I saw an opportunity to make ’˜RK-Bro’, because I mentioned it probably a month or so before it actually happened. I mentioned it to some of the writers, some the boys in the back, and they all proceeded to laugh at me when I said, ’˜How cool would RK-Bro be?’” Riddle revealed.

“I try to talk to the writing team, I try to talk to all the camera crew. ‘I try to talk to everybody and have fun with everybody, and I’ve noticed by doing that, my co-workers learn my mannerisms” the RAW Tag Team Champion added.

“They learn how I talk my, my dialect, I guess, and they can do things easier for me or better for me” Riddle noted. “I think that’s really it. RK-Bro, I brought it up, wishful thinking. It kind of got laughed at, and I was like, ’˜Oh, that’ll never happen.’

“And then a couple of weeks later, Randy didn’t have an opponent. I didn’t have an opponent, and we made it happen. And since we worked together that first time, we’ve been inseparable since” Riddle concluded.

Matt Riddle on RK-Bro

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