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WWE Legend was NOT COMFORTABLE working with Stone Cold Steve Austin

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In the world of professional wrestling, collaborations between superstars are often seen as a blend of intense physicality and dramatic storytelling. However, not all pairings are smooth sailing, as revealed by WWE legend Rob Van Dam in a recent edition of his “1 Of A Kind” podcast.

Van Dam opened up about his discomfort while working with Stone Cold Steve Austin during their time together in WWE.

Rob Van Dam on The Intimidating Presence of Stone Cold in WWE

Rob Van Dam, a name synonymous with high-flying moves and an unorthodox style, gained mainstream popularity in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) in the late 1990s.

His transition to WWE saw him sharing the ring with some of the industry’s biggest names, including Steve Austin. Van Dam described Austin as “intimidating around the clock” and an “authoritative figure.”

This aura that Austin carried with him, both in and out of the ring, had a significant impact on Van Dam’s experience working with him.

The Discomfort in the Ring

Despite acknowledging his liking for Steve Austin, Van Dam admitted that he wasn’t comfortable working with him during their WWE tenure.

This discomfort stemmed from the dynamics of their working relationship, especially at a time when Van Dam was receiving a significant push in the company.

The pressure of performing alongside a superstar of Austin’s calibre, coupled with the latter’s intense persona, contributed to Van Dam’s unease:

“I’ve always liked Steve, but back then working with him in WWE, with me getting a big push, it wasn’t something that I was real comfortable [with] and it wasn’t like he was just like a dude that I work with.”

The Challenges of High-Profile Collaborations in WWE

Working with a wrestler of Steve Austin’s stature comes with its own set of challenges. Austin, known for his charismatic and dominant style, often overshadowed his colleagues, inadvertently adding pressure on them to match his level of performance.

For Van Dam, this scenario was a double-edged sword. While it offered an opportunity to showcase his talent on a larger stage, it also brought forth the challenge of maintaining his unique identity in the shadow of a wrestling icon.


  • Who is Rob Van Dam?
    • Rob Van Dam is a professional wrestler known for his time in Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW) and WWE. He is renowned for his high-flying moves and unique style.
  • What did Rob Van Dam say about working with Steve Austin?
    • Van Dam stated that he found it uncomfortable to work with Steve Austin, describing him as intimidating and an authoritative figure.
  • Why was Rob Van Dam uncomfortable working with Steve Austin?
    • The discomfort stemmed from the pressure of performing alongside a superstar of Austin’s caliber and Austin’s intense persona.
  • What impact did this experience have on Van Dam’s career?
    • While it presented challenges, Van Dam’s career in professional wrestling remains significant, marked by his unique style and contributions to the industry.
  • How does this revelation affect fans’ perception of professional wrestling?
    • It offers insight into the personal dynamics and pressures behind the scenes, highlighting the human aspect of professional wrestling.
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