Roman Reigns makes a huge claim at WWE Live Event

Roman Reigns WWE Live Event Claim

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WWE Unified World Champion Roman Reigns recently made a huge claim during a recent WWE Live Event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Reigns revealed that he may not actually be part of Live Event/House Shows going forward with the company, which he had already alluded to earlier this year.

“From the bottom of my heart, I appreciate all of ya’ll” the Tribal Chief began speaking out of character to the fans at the Sunday Stunner live event in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Roman Reigns Claim

“I obviously had the internet talking last week or the week before that. I’m not going to be doing too many live events like these, on Sundays, going forward. So, this could be my last one” Reigns concluded.

This is obviously a big shift in the potential Live Event gates for the company going forward, as Reigns is by far the biggest name that they had.

It is not confirmed if Roman Reigns will no longer be appearing on these types of shows, but it could be imminent.

Check out the video below to hear for yourself exactly what the Tribal Chief had to say to WWE fans in the arena:

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