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Roman Reigns whispered these three words when getting pinned by Jey Uso at WWE Money in the Bank 2023

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Roman Reigns, one of the most prominent names in WWE, recently experienced a significant setback to his onscreen character and title run.

His cousin, Jey Uso, pinned him at WWE Money in the Bank, marking the first time in 1294 days that Reigns had been pinned’‹. This event was more than just a match; it was a moment that echoed with emotional resonance.

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Roman Reigns and The Fall of The Bloodline

The match at Money in the Bank was far from ordinary. It was the culmination of months of tension within The Bloodline, a group consisting of Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa and the ‘wise man’ Paul Heyman.

The group had been plagued with issues since the time of Sami Zayn, and these problems finally came to a head when The Usos betrayed their Tribal Chief, Reigns’‹.

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The Heartbreaking Words of Roman Reigns

During the event, a moment of great poignancy occurred that was noticed by fans. As Jey Uso pinned Reigns, marking the superstar’s first loss in WWE since Baron Corbin in 2019, Reigns whispered, “I love you” to Jey Uso.

This moment was not in character for Reigns, but it showcased the deep bond between the two wrestlers and the respect Reigns, The Tribal Chief, has for his cousin’‹.

The Emotional Echo of Jey Uso’s Response

Jey Uso’s reaction to Reigns’ words was no less significant. He screamed in response, amplifying the emotional intensity of the moment and highlighting the heartbreaking nature of their situation’‹.

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The Deeper Implications of the Moment

The moment of Reigns expressing love to Jey Uso was a deviation from his character, demonstrating the depth of their relationship. It was not merely a sporting event, but a testament to the love and respect that the two WWE superstars have for each other. The s

cene marked a momentous occasion in WWE history, where the lines between character personas and real-life relationships blurred, evoking a profound response from fans worldwide’‹.

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