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Roman Reigns makes a huge claim about John Cena

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Roman Reigns and Sami Zayn are set to face John Cena and Kevin Owens in a huge main event on this week’s episode of SmackDown.

Ahead of the tag team match, Reigns made a huge claim regarding the former WWE Champion and his opponent for the night, Cena.

“They’ll be smashed in 2022 and forgotten by 2023. #SmackDown” Reigns noted on Twitter this week ahead of the contest, discussing Cena and Owens.

Roman Reigns on John Cena

It is expected that The Bloodline will be winning the match tonight, but there is a chance that the Sami Zayn split from the group may get teased even more with a loss.

Whatever happens, The Bloodline has easily been the best thing on WWE programming for quite some time, and it has completely given Zayn a new lease of life on SmackDown.

Sami will hopefully have a huge babyface turn in early 2023 that leads to him and Owens versus The Usos, but right now, we have no idea when the company will actually go through with the turn.

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