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Roman Reigns To The Rock – “Stay Away From WWE”

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WWE Universal Champion Roman Reigns made some fiery in character comments towards his cousin The Rock recently.

The rumors of The Rock returning for one final match against Roman Reigns have been rampant over the past year, although it is being held off until a full return to crowds, potentially at WrestleMania in Dallas next year.

It’s something that The Rock wants, it’s something that Roman Reigns wants, and WWE would be able to tout a massive box office draw should it happen,

Which is what makes the recent comments from Reigns, on ESPN’s SportsNation, very intriguing. Reigns would claim that The Rock doesn’t actually want to return, nor should he.

Roman Reigns vs The Rock

“Yeah, that [a match with The Rock] is a dream for a lot of our fans” began the interview. “But it ain’t a dream of his, you know what I mean? I get a lot of this with both Dwayne and John [Cena]. These guys are doing very well for themselves, there’s no question about it.”

‘If I were these guys, I don’t know if I’d wanna come back and deal with me” Reigns added, throwing shade at Dwayne Johnson and John Cena. “I am a problem right now for everybody. If I were them, I’d stay on set and keep pumping out these streaming service movies.”

The current belief is that John Cena will be returning at SummerSlam for a major match with Roman Reigns. This however is not set in stone, as Cena may not be available for the date.

Here’s hoping though…

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