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Roman Reigns segment on WWE SmackDown draws MASSIVE rating for the show

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In recent memory, no wrestling quarter-hour has drawn as much attention as the Roman Reigns ‘Tribal Court’ segment.

This segment, which aired during the second quarter-hour of Smackdown, has set a new record in viewership.

The segment, which was devoid of any advertisements, averaged more than 3 million viewers and a 0.94 P18-49 demo rating, translating to 1.23 million viewers aged 18-49, as reported by WrestleNomics.

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The Roman Reigns Effect: A Winning Strategy for WWE

The Roman Reigns Tribal Court is the latest in a series of segments featuring Reigns and The Bloodline that have consistently drawn massive ratings.

We’ve recently seen the 1,000-day celebration and the Trial of Sami Zayn as being other notable examples of this successful strategy.

The popularity of these segments underscores the appeal of Reigns and his storyline, which has been a significant factor in WWE’s recent success.

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Money In The Bank 2023

The overall success of the show was also boosted by its timing. The episode followed the WWE Money In The Bank 2023 event, which took place in London the previous weekend.

This scheduling likely contributed to the high viewership numbers, as fans tuned in to see the fallout from the event.

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The Future of WWE: Riding on the Success of Roman Reigns and The Bloodline Storyline?

The success of the Roman Reigns Tribal Court segment is a testament to the power of compelling storylines and charismatic performers.

As WWE continues to navigate the competitive landscape of professional wrestling, the company will likely continue to leverage its top stars and engaging narratives to draw in viewers.

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