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Huge rumor on the status of Randy Orton

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WWE Superstar Randy Orton has been a hot topic of conversation recently, with differing reports on his health status being circulated.

Speaking on our XERO HOUR rumors podcast, Xero News recently claimed that Orton is near enough ‘ready to go’ and the company are just waiting for the right time for his return.

‘From when I last got told any information on Orton, which was about a week ago, roughly, I was told ’˜he’s ready’ and they’re literally just waiting to insert him in at the right time’ Xero claimed on the podcast.

‘I do believe they’re waiting for the whole Seth and Riddle story to end, because Randy’s obviously going to come back and there’s going to be something to go along with Riddle’ he added.

Randy Orton Back Injury

Dave Meltzer had already claimed that this was not the case in the latest Wrestling Observer Newsletter, and now another prominent ‘leaker’ online has backed up Meltzer’s report.

Bot Lesnar, also known as @ImmoralLogic on Twitter has completely gone against what Xero News has claimed, tweeting: “idk who’s podcast this was. but one of the guys claimed Randy Orton isn’t hurt, he’s sitting home waiting for the perfect time to come back to surprise us.

“idgaf what your source says, dude’s unable to wrestle and prob done and that’s a fact” Bot Lesnar concluded.

If Orton isn’t able to return then that is a massive story in itself, but we will have to wait and see what the situation is regarding the Viper.

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