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The Rock: Will Vince McMahon return affect WrestleMania plans?

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The Rock is expected to be making a return to WWE for a WrestleMania match, but does the return of Vince McMahon affect that?

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer discussed the situation regarding The Great One and whether the recent backstage issues in WWE might stop a return.

“The basic thing is that Dwayne Johnson will do what he has the time to do. If he has time, the Vince stuff is going to have no impact whatsoever,” Meltzer began.

“He’s going to do it if he feels he can do it well and he has time to train for it. Which he may not because of the XFL,” Meltzer continued.

Will The Rock be at WrestleMania 39?

“A sale to Saudi Arabia is a different story, but that’s not gonna happen before WrestleMania anyway most likely” the tenured wrestling journalist noted.

“Vince coming back, is it going to affect John Cena? Is it going to affect The Rock? No, they’re going to do whatever they were going to do before” Meltzer claimed.

“I would say we’re within two weeks of a yes or no on that one [Johnson being at WrestleMania] because they’ve got to have their answer by Royal Rumble because they’ve got to know what to do at the Rumble” Meltzer concluded.

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