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Could Vince McMahon bring huge UFC name to WWE board?

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It was recently confirmed that former WWE Chairman Vince McMahon would be returning to the company on the Board of Directors.

There has been a lot of discussion regarding the massive return of the owner, considering that he retired amid allegations of sexual misconduct.

Speaking on WrestleNomics Radio, Brandon Thurston pointed out an intriguing point that could end up coming to pass.

Could Vince McMahon bring Dana White to WWE?

With McMahon essentially in a position to choose who could end up on the board, especially with at least two more members having resigned due to his return, could McMahon bring Dana White into the fold?

The UFC President and former WWE Chairman have a very cordial relationship, and White has in the past waxed lyrical about how much he respects McMahon as a businessman and how he grew his empire.

We have no idea if this is actually the plan at this point, but it would certainly be a massive move from Vince and the company in general.

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