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WWE ‘interested’ in partnership with a massive company

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In a surprising move, the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) is reportedly keen on forging a partnership with Disney.

While the news has left many fans and industry insiders intrigued, the underlying motive behind this potential collaboration stems from the ongoing negotiations concerning WWE’s next TV rights deals.

The Bid for WWE TV Rights

Negotiations for WWE’s next TV rights deals have gained momentum now that the exclusive negotiating windows with FOX and NBCUniversal have closed for RAW and SmackDown.

Although FOX and NBCU remain in talks with WWE, Disney, along with Amazon Prime Video and other companies, has entered the fray, indicating its interest in the highly coveted TV rights’‹.

Disney Shows Interest in WWE Programming

In an interesting twist, Disney has shown a particular interest in WWE programming for FX, instead of ESPN.

This move could potentially change the way WWE content is presented and consumed, thereby attracting a new demographic of viewers, and adding to the appeal of a possible Disney-WWE partnership’‹.

WWE’s Enthusiasm for a Disney Partnership

WrestleVotes, a well-respected source for wrestling news, noted that the company has shown significant interest in a partnership with Disney.

The WWE sees a collaboration with Disney as a winning move, even as other parties involved in the TV rights negotiations also offer enticing prospects’‹.

While the future of WWE’s TV rights remains uncertain, it’s clear that the organization is looking to leverage the negotiations to establish a strategic partnership. If Disney emerges as the successful bidder, the WWE might secure a deal that reshapes its content delivery and potentially expands its audience reach. In an industry marked by unexpected turns, this new development is keeping fans on the edge of their seats, eager for what’s to come.

As the negotiations continue, it remains to be seen which platform will gain the rights to WWE’s programming. However, the possibility of a Disney partnership adds an intriguing layer to the discussions, leaving fans and industry observers alike eagerly anticipating the final outcome.

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