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Former WWE Superstar reveals how he was SCAMMED out of THOUSANDS

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In a shocking revelation, former WWE superstar Ryback has come forward with a tale of deception that cost him a hefty sum.

The world of social media, while offering numerous advantages, also has its dark side, and Ryback’s experience serves as a cautionary tale for many.

Ryback, during a recent live stream, detailed how he was duped into parting with $2,000. What’s even more startling is that the initial demand from the scammers was a whopping $7,000. The wrestler’s primary concern was the persistent issue of being shadow-banned across various social media platforms.

In his quest to resolve this, he was introduced to a supposed expert by adult film star Phoenix Marie, who claimed to have benefited from the individual’s services in the past.

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The Scammer’s Play on a Former WWE Superstar

The individual in question, Yao Cabrera, a Brazilian known for his YouTube comedy content, was reportedly touted as the solution to Ryback’s online woes.

Phoenix Marie apparently vouched for him, according to Ryback. She stated that after paying him, she saw an increase in her Instagram views. Convinced by her endorsement, Ryback initiated contact.

However, things took a turn when Ryback was not communicating with Yao Cabrera directly but with a team claiming to represent him. Despite his initial reservations and clarifications that he didn’t want fake followers but genuine assistance, Ryback was persuaded to part with $2,000 as a starting amount.

The promises of assistance across platforms like YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram were enticing. But soon after the payment, the demands for more money began: “I talked to him beforehand and said that I don’t need fake followers, I need my accounts fixed, and he said ‘yes we deal with all of these companies.’ I go to Phoenix again, and I ask if they’re sure, because typically these people are scammers, and she said ‘No, swear he fixed my account.’ Anyway, I give him money, and they immediately start asking for more money” Ryback revealed.

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Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Ryback’s ordeal underscores the importance of being cautious in the digital age. Scammers are ubiquitous, and even celebrities aren’t immune to their tactics.

The former WWE superstar’s hesitation before making such a significant payment indicates that he had reservations. Yet, the endorsement from a trusted source led him down this unfortunate path.

It remains to be seen if Ryback can reclaim his lost funds. Banks often have mechanisms in place to protect their customers from fraudulent transactions, so there’s hope that he might recover the money.

However, the experience has undoubtedly been a stark reminder of the perils that lurk online.

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