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Sami Zayn gets FIFTEEN STAPLES in his HEAD at WWE live event

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In a dramatic turn of events at the WWE Holiday Tour live event in Toronto, popular WWE superstar Sami Zayn endured a severe injury that required immediate medical attention.

Zayn, who emerged victorious in a gruelling Last Man Standing Match against Finn Balor, suffered a significant head injury during the bout, necessitating the use of fifteen staples to close the wound.

Sami Zayn vs Finn Balor: The Intense Battle in Toronto

The match, which took place on December 29th, was a testament to the physicality and intensity that WWE events are known for.

Zayn, known for his resilience and fighting spirit, faced off against Balor in a match that pushed both athletes to their limits.

The injury occurred amidst the high-octane action, leaving Zayn with a nasty cut that later required medical intervention.

Medical Intervention Post-Match

Following the event, the WWE broadcast team during the “Day 1” themed episode of RAW revealed the extent of Zayn’s injury.

The fifteen staples were a necessary measure to treat the wound he sustained during the match. This incident highlights the often-overlooked risks that WWE superstars face in their line of duty, showcasing their commitment and passion for the sport.


  • What happened to Sami Zayn at the WWE live event in Toronto?
    • Sami Zayn suffered a severe head injury requiring fifteen staples during a Last Man Standing Match against Finn Balor.
  • How did Sami get injured?
    • Zayn sustained the injury during the high-intensity match, which was part of the WWE Holiday Tour live event.
  • What was the outcome of the match where Zayn got injured?
    • Despite the injury, Sami Zayn won the Last Man Standing Match against Finn Balor.
  • Who is Zayn?
    • Sami Zayn, real name Rami Sebei, is a WWE superstar who previously wrestled in the independent circuit as El Generico.
  • What does this incident say about the risks involved in WWE?
    • The incident highlights the physical risks WWE superstars face and the importance of safety measures and medical care in professional wrestling.
  • Is Sami Zayn expected to make a full recovery?
    • While specific details about his recovery are not available, fans and the WWE community are hopeful for his full recovery.
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