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Sami Zayn reveals his favourite match of his career

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WWE SmackDown Superstar Sami Zayn recently revealed his favourite match of his career with the company thus far.

Speaking to WWE Deutschland, Zayn revealed that his match against Johnny Knoxville at WrestleMania this year is his favourite match of his career.

‘It’s one of my favourite matches ever. I don’t think a lot of people understand the little things you have to do to make sure it flows so well with someone who’s never done this” Zayn began.

Sami Zayn vs Johnny Knoxville

“So I take a lot of pride in that side of it. I put it up there with some of my best matches ever, but for different reasons” Zayn concluded.

It was certainly a different spectacle for WWE fans at WrestleMania this year, with the Jackass star pulling out all of the stops to impress.

Whether we will see Knoxville back in the company remains to be seen, but it is not likely right now as he is not promoting a new film or tv series.

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