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Sami Zayn: Former WWE rival does not want to ‘bury the hatchet’ with him

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In the world of professional wrestling, rivalries are the lifeblood that keeps the audience hooked. One such rivalry that was making headlines back in 2022 was between Sami Zayn, a prominent WWE wrestler, and Johnny Knoxville, a well-known figure from the Jackass franchise.

The feud, which reached its peak at WrestleMania, shows no signs of resolution, with Knoxville expressing his disinterest in burying the hatchet with Zayn.

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The Unforgiving Knoxville

Knoxville’s stance on the feud was made clear during his recent appearance on WWE’s The Bump. When asked about the possibility of reconciling with Zayn, Knoxville responded with a firm no.

His words were as sharp as they were clear, “Bury the hatchet? The only hatchet I would bury is in his back.” This statement not only reaffirms the ongoing tension but also adds a new layer of intrigue to their on-screen rivalry.

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Johnny Knoxville and Sami Zayn: The Unlikely Team-Up

The conversation took an interesting turn when the possibility of Knoxville teaming up with Zayn was brought up. While Knoxville didn’t completely rule out the idea, he expressed his strong reservations about it.

He stated, “I don’t know. That would be an extraordinary event. Never say never but god I never want to be on the same side as Sami.” This remark further emphasizes the deep-seated animosity between the two.

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