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Sami Zayn: No one pitched for him to win Undisputed WWE Universal Championship

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Sami Zayn had easily the biggest match of this career this past Sunday at Elimination Chamber 2023, but why didn’t he win the title?

A lot of fans had hoped that the Canadian Superstar would pull off the upset and win the big one in his hometown of Montreal, but it was not to be.

Interestingly, a source has revealed to us that no one of note within the company even pitched for Sami to become the Champion on the night itself.

Sami Zayn Undisputed WWE Universal Champ

This comes as somewhat of a shock, as the metrics in terms of ratings, viewership and buzz have been way up for Sami and Bloodline story, but from what we have discovered, the reason for him not winning the title makes a ton of sense.

Our source on this story noted: “There were no plans for it no one even pitched it. And thats all because Zayn can’t go to Saudi shows and that deal says the world champion must be featured on any shows held there.”

Sami not being able to go to shows in Saudi Arabia is common knowledge at this point, but the caveat of the Champion needing to be at the shows from the Kingdom is certainly interesting.

Dave Meltzer’s take

Dave Meltzer claimed on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio show that there were higher-ups in the company who were apparently pushing for Zayn to win the title at the Elimination Chamber event.

We brought this up with the initial source who brought the information to us, and they emphatically stated that this was not the case at all: “that’s not even remotely true.”

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