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Sami Zayn WWE Exit Rumor Revealed

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Veteran wrestling manager Dutch Mantell recently opened up on the possibility of Sami Zayn leaving WWE as rumors have been churning.

Dutch Mantell addresses Sami Zayn WWE departure rumor

Earlier this week, widespread rumors about the Saudi Arabia Public Investment Fund buying WWE turned out to be false. Zayn has never wrestled a WWE match in Saudi Arabia, with reports claiming he is banned from performing in the country due to his Syrian ethnicity.

On Story Time with Dutch Mantell, the former WWE on-screen personality explained why politics should not affect Zayn’s contract. He also commented on the future of the SmackDown Superstar’s real-life best friend Kevin Owens:

“Some people are posting online, ‘How many people will quit?’ and I’m thinking, well, I don’t even see Sami quitting, really,” Mantell said. “I don’t see Kevin Owens quitting. You’ve gotta put it back in a personal vein. You’re sitting in WWE and you’re making two million dollars a year. Are you gonna have a political ideology dictate your income?

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