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Samoa Joe shares his thoughts on the AEW All In Backstage FIGHT

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In a recent interview with ESPN, Samoa Joe, the AEW World Champion, candidly discussed the backstage altercation at AEW’s All In event, involving CM Punk and Jack Perry.

This incident, which occurred before one of AEW’s most notable matches, saw Punk’s departure from the company and Perry’s indefinite suspension.

AEW News: The Incident and Its Impact

Joe described the fight as a minor incident that was quickly resolved, emphasizing the professional focus maintained despite the backstage chaos.

“There was a little bit of an incident. We got it broken up,” Joe stated. He highlighted the importance of moving past the altercation to deliver a spectacular show for the fans.

According to Joe, the magnitude of the event distinguished this particular fight from other backstage scuffles he has witnessed in his career.

AEW News: Joe’s Perspective on Backstage Dynamics

Having experienced numerous locker room bust-ups throughout his career, Joe viewed the incident as not particularly significant.

His primary concern was the audience and the show’s success. “We had a show to do. We had fans waiting out there. And that was my focus,” he remarked, showcasing his professionalism and dedication to the wrestling craft.

The Match That Overshadowed the Fight

Despite the backstage drama, Joe and Punk proceeded to deliver an outstanding match, with Punk retaining the “Real World Championship.”

Joe’s humility shone through when he downplayed his role as the voice of reason amidst the chaos, insisting that his focus was solely on ensuring the show went on.


  • What was the outcome of the altercation between CM Punk and Jack Perry?
    • CM Punk was fired from AEW, and Jack Perry received an indefinite suspension.
  • What was Samoa Joe’s role during the incident?
    • Joe was involved in breaking up the fight and emphasized focusing on the show and the audience.
  • Did the backstage fight affect the match between Joe and Punk?
    • Despite the backstage incident, Joe and Punk went on to have a successful match, with Punk retaining his title.
  • How does Samoa Joe view such backstage incidents?
    • Joe sees these incidents as minor and not uncommon in his career, focusing more on the performance and the fans.
  • What was unique about this particular backstage fight?
    • According to Joe, the significance of the event made this fight stand out from other backstage altercations he has witnessed.
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