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Samoa Joe makes a BIG claim about John Cena

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In a recent interview with ESPN, AEW World Champion Samoa Joe shed light on his past experiences with WWE superstar John Cena, particularly Cena’s impressive freestyle rapping skills.

Joe’s revelations offer a unique glimpse into Cena’s talents beyond the wrestling ring.

WWE News: Cena’s Freestyling Roots

Joe reminisced about the times he and Cena worked together in UPW (Ultimate Pro Wrestling). Contrary to popular belief, Cena’s freestyling didn’t start in WWE, but much earlier.

Joe vividly recalled road trips to Northern California, where Cena would showcase his rapping prowess. “People think that the freestyling started in WWE, but all that started back in the day, on road trips up to Northern California and John going on freestyle raps for hours at a time,” Joe stated.

WWE News: The Brother Can Rap

The highlight of these trips, according to Joe, was Cena’s ability to keep the freestyle going for extended periods.

They would have the evening mix playing on the radio during their drives to San Francisco, and Cena would just start rapping, impressing everyone in the car. Joe’s admiration was evident as he said, “The brother can rap.”

Beyond the Ring

This insight into Cena’s talent underscores the multifaceted nature of professional wrestlers. They are not just athletes but entertainers with diverse skills.

Cena’s ability to freestyle rap adds depth to his public persona, showing a creative side that complements his wrestling prowess.


  • What did Samoa Joe reveal about John Cena?
    • Joe shared that Cena’s freestyle rapping skills were evident long before his WWE days, especially during their road trips in UPW.
  • Where did Cena often showcase his freestyle rapping?
    • Cena would freestyle rap during road trips to Northern California when he was with UPW.
  • How did Samoa Joe describe Cena’s rapping?
    • Joe praised Cena’s rapping ability, stating, “The brother can rap,” and highlighted his talent for long freestyle sessions.
  • What does this reveal about Cena?
    • This shows Cena’s versatility as an entertainer, not just limited to wrestling but also skilled in freestyle rapping.
  • Was Cena’s freestyling known before this revelation?
    • While Cena’s rapping was known to WWE fans, many were unaware that his freestyling skills were honed long before his WWE fame.
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