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WWE Superstar reveals “100% NON SCRIPTED” moment from recent show

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In a surprising revelation, WWE Superstar Santos Escobar has disclosed a completely unscripted moment during the recent WWE Survivor Series: War Games event.

This candid admission sheds light on the often tightly choreographed world of professional wrestling, offering fans a glimpse into the spontaneous decisions that can shape the course of a match.

The Unscripted Incident at WWE Survivor Series

During the Survivor Series event, a significant moment occurred that deviated from the scripted plan. Santos Escobar, in a move that shocked many, tore the mask off his opponent, Dragon Lee.

This act, deeply significant in Lucha culture due to the profound respect and tradition associated with masks, was not a pre-planned part of the show.

Escobar explained his actions as an instinctive move, driven by his character’s heel persona, as he revealed during an interview with the Wrestling With Freddie podcast.

The Cultural Significance of the Mask in Lucha Wrestling

The unscripted action took on greater significance due to the cultural context. In Lucha Libre, the mask represents more than just a part of a wrestler’s costume; it embodies their identity, legacy, and the rich tradition of Mexican wrestling.

By targeting the mask, Escobar heightened the emotional stakes of the match, especially in a city like Chicago, which has a strong connection with Mexican culture.

This decision to go off-script was not just a moment of rebellion but a calculated move to deepen the storyline and the audience’s engagement.

The Aftermath and Escobar’s WWE Perspective

Following this incident, Dragon Lee’s character resilience shone through as he bounced back to claim the NXT North American Championship at WWE NXT Deadline, defeating Dominik Mysterio.

This victory marked his first title in WWE since his signing, illustrating the dynamic and unpredictable nature of WWE storylines.

Escobar, reflecting on his actions, emphasized the importance of authenticity in wrestling. He believes that such unscripted moments are vital for the audience to feel genuinely invested in the characters and the narrative.

His actions at Survivor Series, while potentially controversial by going ‘off-script’, were a testament to his commitment to creating a compelling and emotionally resonant wrestling experience.


  • What was the unscripted moment at WWE Survivor Series?
    • Santos Escobar tore Dragon Lee’s mask, an action that was not planned or scripted.
  • Why is the mask significant in Lucha wrestling?
    • In Lucha Libre, the mask represents a wrestler’s identity, legacy, and the traditions of Mexican wrestling.
  • What was the audience’s reaction to this unscripted moment?
    • The act generated ‘white heat’, a strong emotional reaction from the audience, particularly significant in a city with a deep Mexican cultural connection like Chicago.
  • What was the outcome for Dragon Lee after this incident?
    • Dragon Lee went on to win the NXT North American Championship at WWE NXT Deadline.
  • How does this incident reflect the current trend in WWE?
    • This unscripted moment is part of a broader trend in WWE towards more authentic and unpredictable storytelling.
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