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Saraya reveals the lowest point of her life during WWE tenure

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Saraya recently opened up about the most challenging phase of her life. Known for her remarkable tenure in WWE and her achievements as the AEW Women’s World Champion, Saraya’s journey has been anything but smooth.

In a candid revelation on The Cruz Show Podcast, she shared the harrowing experience of her personal tapes being leaked online, describing it as the “lowest, lowest point” of her life.

Saraya: A Battle with Personal Demons

Approximately six to seven years ago, Saraya faced a devastating invasion of privacy. The unauthorized release of her intimate tapes, a form of revenge p*rn, marked a period of intense personal struggle.

She candidly admitted to battling addictions to cocaine and pills, coupled with excessive drinking during this time. This phase was not just a battle with external judgment and ridicule but also an internal fight with her own demons.

The Impact of a Toxic Environment

Saraya’s ordeal was exacerbated by her surroundings. She reflected on being in an unhealthy relationship and surrounded by people who did not contribute positively to her life.

The lack of a supportive network during this tumultuous period made her feel isolated and vulnerable, unable to face the public or find solace in her immediate environment: “I was surrounded by people that weren’t good for me, weren’t healthy, and I wasn’t in the best relationship at the time I didn’t have the group of friends that I have now and so it was really, really rough.”

Saraya: Triumph Over Adversity

Despite these overwhelming challenges, Saraya’s story is one of resilience and triumph. She emerged from this dark period to achieve significant milestones in her career.

Her victory in the AEW Women’s World Championship match in August 2023, in her home country of the UK, was a testament to her strength and determination.

Although she lost the title to Hikaru Shida the following month, her journey remains an inspiring tale of overcoming personal adversities.


  • Who is Saraya? Saraya is an English professional wrestling personality and retired wrestler, previously signed to WWE under the ring name Paige.
  • What was the lowest point in Saraya’s life? The lowest point in Saraya’s life was when her personal sex tapes were leaked online, during which she also struggled with substance abuse.
  • How did Saraya overcome her struggles? Saraya overcame her struggles through resilience and determination, eventually achieving significant milestones in her professional wrestling career.
  • What does Saraya’s story signify? Saraya’s story signifies the importance of mental health, the impact of personal struggles on public figures, and the power of overcoming adversity.
  • What championship did Saraya win? Saraya won the AEW Women’s World Championship in August 2023.
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